Founded in 2001, Camp Emanuel began as a children’s camp for children in Romania and the Republic of Moldova.


There, God worked in amazing ways through the hearts of those children. We believe that God imbues each child with special gifts and talents that we want to grow and cultivate. At camp, your children will learn new songs, Bible verses, play games, gain courage, and most importantly, learn more about Jesus Christ. All of these activities contribute to the formation of good character. We’ve heard countless testimonies from parents and even school officials, on the positive impact that Camp Emanuel has on the souls of children. Here at camp, we strive to teach good Christian character today, to ensure great Christian leadership tomorrow.

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Grigore Buia
Founder, Spiritual Advisor

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Anca Buia Ursu



Gregory Ursu
Program Developer

Spiritual Advisor

Stephanie Bule
Spiritual Advisor


Joseph Buia

Nicolette Ardelean
Program Coordinator

Estera Maris

Raffaela Hainbuchner
Program Coordinator